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Published in Veterinary Parasitology (2002) 107: 337-342.


Terminology for common names for the Tribe Cyathostominea (cyathostomins), and disease caused by the nematodes (cyathostominosis), were recommended to replace the previously used names cyathostomes and cyathostomosis, which are ambiguous, inaccurate or synonymous, by the Third Internal Workshop on the Systematics of Cyathostominea of Horses, held in Stresa, Italy, 28 August 2001. The progress by this international working group at three workshops is reviewed briefly and a list of publications is provided. Included are an annotated checklist by genus and species of 93 species level names and the recognition of 52 species, redescriptions of seven species, and the description of one new species. Upon petition by workshop participants, the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature placed Cyathostomum tetracanthum Mehlis, 1831 on the “Official List of Specific Names in Zoology”, ending more than a century of controversy over the names of cyathostomins. Some progress is described in molecular and morphological systematics and in the development of diagnostic molecular probes.Arevised identification key is being prepared to the 52 species of the Tribe Cyathostominea.

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