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Published in Canadian Journal of Zoology 74: 971-982 (1996). Copyright 1996, NRC Research Press. Used by permission.


From 1990 through 1992, nematodes were extracted from soil samples taken from the rhizosphere of native species of grapes from four areas of northern California and two areas of southern California. For comparison, samples from domestic grapes as well as a putative hybrid of Vitis californicaand V. vinifera were also taken. Rhizosoil from California native grapevine contained many more species of nematodes than did soil obtained from cultivated forms of V. vinifera. Taxonomic and trophic diversity was much higher in nematodes from sampling sites from native grapes than in those from grapes maintained in vineyard situations. Ordination methods using correspondence analysis showed both similarities and differences in the faunal assemblages of nematodes from the different sampling sites, based on indexes of species and trophic groups. Collected data indicate that nematode communities with high trophic and taxonomic diversity have a lower numerical density of plant parasites. De 1990 a la fin de 1992, des nematodes ont ete extraits d'echantillons de sol recueillis dans la rhizosphere d'especes indigenes de raisins, en quatre regions du nord et en deux regions du sud de la Californie. Pour fins de comparaison, des echantillons de raisins domestiques et d'un hybride soupconne de Vitis califarnica x V. vinifera ont egalement ete recoltes. Le sol autour des racines des especes indigenes de Californie contenait une faune beaucoup plus diversifiee de nematodes que le sol echantillonne autour des racines des formes cultivees de V. vinifera. La diversite taxonomique et trophique des nematodes etait beaucoup plus elevee autour des racines de raisins indigenes que dans les entreprises vinicoles. Une methode d'ordination basee sur l'analyse des correspondances a mis en lumiere des similarites et des differences dans les associations de nematodes des differents points d'echantillonnage, d'apres les indices relatifs aux especes et aux groupes trophiques. Les donnees recueillies indiquent que les communautes de nematodes adiversite trophique et taxonomique elevee ont une densite numerique de parasites moins importante.

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