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Published in Proc. Helminthol. Soc. Wash. 53(1), 1986, pp. 110-112. Copyright 1986. Used by permission.


Eimeria halleri sp. n. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) is described from the rectal contents ofthe round stingray, Urolophus halleri Cooper (Rajiformes: Dasyatidae) from Puerto Penasco, Mexico. Oocysts are spherical or subspherical, 16.9 x 16.8 (15.0-18.0 x 15.0-18.0) /μm, with a smooth, thin wall. Micropyle, polar granule, and oocyst residuum are absent. Sporocysts are ovoid, 11.1 x 6.8 (10.0-13.0 x 6.0-7.5) /μm and possess Stieda and substieda bodies. Sporozoites are comma-shaped, 9.9 x 3.2 (9.0-11.0 x 2.8-4.0) /μm and contain an ovoid posterior and a spherical anterior refractile body. The sporocyst residuum consists either of numerous finely granular particles scattered among the sporozoites or as a spherical mass.

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