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Published as Special Publication of the Museum of Texas Tech University, number 59 (August 26, 2011). Copyright 2011, Texas Tech University (ISSN: 0169-0237). Used by permission. Also available at ISBN: 1-929330-23-5; ISBN13: 978-1-929330-23-2.


Ninety-eight species of small mammal, excluding carnivores and ungulates, are currently recognized in the fauna of Mongolia. A list of species of helminths known to infect these species, both within Mongolia and across their range, is presented in an effort to aid in their study. A detailed bibliography of pertinent survey and related publications is provided.

The publication is the result of the Mongolian Vertebrate Parasite Project, made possible by NSF grants DEB-0717214, DBI-0646356, DBI-9631295, and DBI-9411976.

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