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Tropical Atlantic Biological Laboratory Informal Report No. 11 (June 30, 1970).


U.S. government work.


The literature on diseases and parasites of marine animals has been accumulating at an accelerating rate in recent decades, and at a seemingly geometrical rate in the past few years. Reviews of selected aspects of the subject have appeared (Cheng, 1967; Sindermann, 1966; Sindermann and Rosenfield, 1967). References listed in these papers include a significant, but still a small part, of the available literature. With the proliferation of journals in many languages throughout the world, a complete bibliography, even in a narrow area of research, is almost an impossibility. Then too, the daily appearance of new published information represents an added source of challenge and frustration.

Preparation of a book on diseases of marine fish and shellfish necessitated the assembly of an extensive amount of literature -- of which only a minor part could be discussed, cited, and published with the text. Since the accumulated reference list included more than 5,000 items, it seemed important to make the bibliography available separately, as a service to future research in the subject matter area. Initial circulation in the present processed form will permit inclusion of additions and corrections in the final published work.