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Proceedings of the Helminthological Society of Washington, v. 47, no.1 (1980)


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Cephalic papillae of third- and fifth-stage Dioctophyma renale and fourth- and fifth-stage Eustrongylides spp. were found to be of three kinds in addition to the amphids. In all the stages of both genera studied, six papillae were in an internal circle, six in an external circle, and eight to 10 in two lateral fields of four or five each between the internal and external circles. Amphids were closely associated with the externolateral papillae. Another porelike papilla was found between the ventroventral papillae in all but fifth-stage D. renale. In third-stage D. renale, lateral rows of somatic papillae were spatially separated from the cephalic papillae, but in fifth-stage D. renale and fourthand fifth-stage Eustrongylides, the somatic papillae were adjacent to the cephalic papillae.

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