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Published in Tulane Studies in Zoology and Botany 15:4 (June 26, 1969), pp. 119–176.


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This study includes 111 species of Digenea from 69 of 113 species of teleost fishes examined from Biscayne Bay, Florida. Biscayne Bay represents the reported northern limit along the Atlantic coast for all but 22 of the 111 species. It represents the southern limit for only one, Didymocystis scomberomori. From the known collections reported in the literature, the Digenea from Biscayne Bay appear to consist primarily of a tropical fauna. Species previously known from the Pacific Ocean only are Botulisaccus pisceus and Pseudocreadium scaphosomum. There are 81 new host records.

Two new genera are created: Claribulla (Felloclistomatidae) and Apertile (Opecoelidae). Thirteen new species are described: Apocreadium cryptum, Cadenatella floridae, Claribulla longula, Diphtherostomum albulae, Hamacreadium confusum, Hurleytrema pyriforme, Hymenocotta manteri, Lasiotocus albulae, Lasiotocus haemuli, Lasiotocus mugilis, Neolepidapedon macrum, Nicolla halichoeri, and Opegaster pritchardae.

Eleven new combinations are made: Apertile holocentri, formerly Neopecoelus holocentri Manter, 1947; Apocreadium foliatum, formerly Homalometron foliatum Siddiqi and Cable, 1960; Bianium longipygum, formerly Diploproctodaeum longipygum Oshmarin, Mamaev, and Parukhin, 1961; Bianium macracetabulum, formerly Diploproctodaeum macracetabulum Oshmarin, Mamaev, and Parukhin, 1961; Diplomonorchis magnacetabulum, formerly Diplomonorcheides magnacetabulum Thomas, 1959; Helicometrina execta, formerly Helicometra execta Linton, 1910; Hurleytrema malabonensis, formerly Pseudohurleytrema malabonensis (Velasquez, 1961); Hurleytrema shorti, formerly Pseudohurleytrema shorti Nahhas and Powell, 1965; Megasolena hysterospina, formerly Lepidauchen hysterospina Manter, 1931; Myosaccium opisthonemae, formerly Neogenolinea opisthonemae Siddiqi and Cable, 1960; and Pseudopecoelus scorpaenae, formerly Neopecoelus scorpaenae Manter, 1947.

Five genera have been synonymized: Bilecithaster Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Diplangus Linton, 1910; Diplomonorcheides Thomas, 1959, synonym of Diplomonorchis Hopkins, 1941; Neogenolinea Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Myosaccium Montgomery, 1957; Neopecoelus Manter, 1947, synonym of Pseudopecoelus Von Wicklen, 1946; and Parahurleytrema Nahhas and Powell, 1965, synonym of Hurleytrema Srivastava, 1938.

Twelve species have been synonymized: Antorchis holacanthi Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Antorchis urna (Linton, 1910) Linton, 1911; Bilecithaster ovalis Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Diplangus parvus Manter, 1947; Diplomonorchis micropogoni Nahhas and Cable, 1964, synonym of Diplomonorchis leiostomi Hopkins, 1941; Helicometra pretiosa Bravo-Hollis and Manter, 1957, a synonym of Helicometra torta Linton, 1910; Helicometrina parva Manter, 1933, and Helicometrina trachinoti Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonyms of Helicometrina execta (Linton, 1910); Hexangitrema breviceca Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Hexangitrema pomacanthi Price, 1937; Manteria costalimai Freitas and Kohn, 1964, synonym of Manteria brachydera (Manter, 1940); Megasolena archosargi Sogandares-Bernal and Hutton, 1959, synonym of Megasolena hysterospina (Manter, 1931); Opisthadena cortesi Bravo-Hollis, 1966, synonym of Opisthadena dimidia Linton, 1910; Paracryptogonimus neoamericanus Siddiqi and Cable, 1960, synonym of Paracryptogonimus americanus Manter, 1940; and Pseudohurleytrema ottoi Travassos, Freitas, and Bührnheim, 1965, synonym of Hurleytrema shorti (Nahhas and Powell, 1965).

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