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Contributions to a Science of Nematology (1914-1935) by Nathan Augustus (N. A.) Cobb.


U. S. government work. Public domain material.



I. Antarctic Marine Free-Living Nematodes of the Shackleton Expedition.

II. North American Free-Living Fresh-Water Nematodes.

III. The Asymmetry of the Nematode Bunonema inequale, n. sp.

IV. Selachinema, a New Nematode Genus with Remarkable Mandibles.

V. Notes on Nemas.

VI. The Mononchs, a Genus of Free-Living Predatory Nematodes.

VII. Filter-Bed Nemas: Nematodes of the Slow Sand Filter-Beds of American Cities.

VIII. The Orders and Classes of Nemas.

IX. One Hundred New Nemas (Type Species of 100 New Genera).

X. Howardula benigna, a Nemic Parasite Cucumber-Beetle.

XI. Marionella.

XII. Greeffiella.

XIII. An Amendation of Hoplolaimus Daday 1905 nec auctores.

XIV. Notes on Paratylenchus, a Genus of Nemas.

XV. Biological Relationships of the Mathematical Series 1, 2, 4, etc.

XVI. Nemic Spermatogenesis.

XVII. The Screw Nemas, Parasites of Codfish, Haddock and Other Fishes.

XVIII. Ungella secta n. gen. n. sp., a Nemic Parasite of the Burmese Oligochaete (Earthworm).

XIX. A New Species of the Nemic Genus Syringolaimus.

XX. The Chromatropism of Mermis subnigrescens.

XXI. Survey of Nemas in Marine Beach Sand.

XXII. The Ambulatory Tubes and Other Features of the Nema Draconema cephalatum.

XXIII. Observations on the Morphology and Physiology of Nemas.

XXIV. The Demanian Vessels in Nemas of the Genus Oncholaimus.

XXV. Metoncholaimus pristiurus (Zur Strassen).

XXVI. A Key to the Genera of Free-Liying Nemas.

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