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Physical Review B, Volume 52, Number 17, November 1995


Copyright 1995 The American Physical Society


Superparamagnetic behavior is investigated for Fe grown at 700 K onto MgO(001) to a thickness equivalent to that of a ten monolayer film. Two such Fe deposits separated by a 200-Å deposit of MgO exhibit a ferromagnetic response with no hysteresis at either 300 or 150 K, but with identical reduced magnetization curves M(H/T) which confirms the existence of superparamagnetism. M(H) data at 300 K were fitted to a Langevin function to yield an average particle size of 100 Å diameter. M(T) for field-cooled and zero-field-cooled samples shows behavior characteristic of superparamagnetic particles with a distribution in particle size. Time-dependent remanent magnetization data measured over a 20 h period at various temperatures show nonexponential decay attributed to the distribution in particle size and interactions among the particles.