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Published by EDP SCiences. Copyright 2000. Permission to use. Eur. Phys. J. B 15, 35 (2000).


In order to clarify the nature of the additional phase transition at H1 (T) < Hc (T) of the layered antiferromagnetic (AF) insulator FeBr2 as found by Aruga Katori et al. (1996) we measured the intensity of different Bragg-peaks in different scattering geometries. Transverse AF ordering is observed in both AF phases, AFI and AFII. Its order parameter exhibits a peak at T1 = T (H1) in temperature scans and does not vanish in zero field. Possible origins of the step-like increase of the transverse ferromagnetic ordering induced by a weak in-plane field component when entering AFI below T1 are discussed.

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