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Published by EDP SCiences. Copyright 2001. Permission to use. Europhys. Lett. 55, 732 (2001).


Specific heat and Faraday rotation magnetometry were used to determine the axial magnetic phase diagram of the dilute hexagonal antiferromagnet Fe0.85Mg0.15Br2. In contrast to metamagnetic pure FeBr2, the first-order line of transverse phase transitions, H1(T), is disconnected with the antiferro-to-paramagnetic phase line Hc(T) and extends down to Ht=0 at Tt≈8.7 . This is attributed to symmetric off-diagonal exchange in the presence of structural disorder. Moreover, a spin-flop phase emerges beyond Hc(T) up to a bicritical point (Tb≈9.3 , μoHb≈1.3 ).

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