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January 2004


Published in the Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials. Pages 272-276 in the year 2002. Furthermore published on page E1201 in the year 2004.


Magnetization hysteresis and AC susceptibility measurements were performed on the discontinuous metal–insulator multilayer [Co80Fe20(1.4 nm)/Al2O3(3 nm)]10. CoFe forms ferromagnetic single-previous domain term particles being embedded in the Al2O3 matrix. Due to strong dipolar inter-particle interactions a “previous superferromagnetic term” correlation of particle moments was previously stated. The dynamical magnetic properties of the superferromagnet can be understood in the framework of previous domain term wall motion in an impure ferromagnet. Kinetic simulations are employed, which are based on field and temperature-dependent previous domain term wall velocities. The magnetization hysteresis as well as the AC susceptibility, χ′−iχ′′, are calculated and compared to our experimental results and yield a good agreement. The analysis of the Cole–Cole plots, χ′′ vs. χ′, is particularly interesting. They are shown to serve as fingerprints for the different dynamic behavior as claimed previously.

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