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September 2001


Published in Physics status solidi (a). Received by the company on May 1, 2001, accepted later that year on September 30, 2001. Published February 2002, pages 575-583.


Magnetic heterostructures with perpendicular anisotropy consisting of antiferromagnetic (111)-oriented FeCl2 single crystals and thin ferromagnetic CoPt-multilayers are investigated by ac-susceptometry after cooling in various axial magnetic fields to below the Néel temperature. The freezing process drives the system into a metastable antiferromagnetic domain state which gives rise to a huge excess contribution to the complex parallel susceptibility on heating in zero magnetic field. Its glow curve-like temperature dependence is modeled within the framework of a simple analytical approach. It involves the susceptibility of thermally activated clusters originating from antiferromagnetic stacking faults as well as the contribution of pairs of antiparallel Ising spins which build up walls within the ferromagnetically ordered (111) planes.

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