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May 1992


Published by American Institute of Physics; J. Appl. Phys. 71 (1992) 4795–4798. Copyright 1992. Permission to use.


We have used broadband synchrotron radiation to induce selective area surface doping of boron into silicon. The source of the boron was nido-decaborane (B10H14) adsorbed on Si(111) at 100 K. Irradiation caused decomposition of the adsorbed molecule which lead to an enhanced concentration of free boron in the irradiated area. Using Si 2p core level photoelectron spectroscopy, the surface chemical composition and Fermi level position in both the irradiated and unirradiated regions were determined. The downward movement of the Fermi level was greater in the irradiated region than in the unirradiated region, and greater for n-type than for p-type Si.

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