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November 1996


Published Appl. Phys. Lett. 70 (1997) 1028-1030. Permission to use.


We have successfully nickel doped a boron carbide (B5C) alloy film. The nickel doped boron-carbide (Ni-B5C1+δ) thin films were fabricated from a single source carborane cage molecule and nickelocene [Ni(C5H5)2] using plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Nickel doping transforms the highly resistive undoped film from a p-type material to an n-type material. This has been verified from the characteristics of diodes constructed of Ni-B5C1+δ on both n-type silicon and p-type B5C. The homojunction diodes exhibit excellent rectifying properties over a wide range of temperatures. ©1997 American Institute of Physics.

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