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“The promise of piezoelectric polymers,” T. D. Usher, K. R. Cousins, K. R., Zhang, R. & Stephen Ducharme, Polymer International 67, 790-798 (2018).


Copyright © 2018. Published by Wiley. Used by permission.


Recent advances provide new opportunities in the field of polymer piezoelectric materials. Piezoelectric materials provide unique insights to the fundamental understanding of the solid state. In addition, piezoelectric materials have a wide range of applications, representing billions of dollars of commercial applications. However, inorganic piezoelectric materials have limitations that polymer ferroelectric materials can overcome, if certain challenges can be addressed. This mini-review is a practical summary of the current research and future directions in the investigation and application of piezoelectric materials with an emphasis on polymeric piezoelectric materials. We will assume that the reader is well versed in the subject of polymers, however, not as familiar with piezoelectric materials.