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FABRIKANT, AMBALAMPITIYA, AND SCHNEIDER. PHYSICAL REVIEW A 103, 053115 (2021). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevA.103.053115


Used by permission.


We study the process of laser-assisted dissociative recombination of an electron with a molecular cation using a semiclassical approach. In the region outside a reaction sphere the electron motion in the combined laser and Coulomb fields is treated classically. Within the sphere the laser-field effects are neglected, and the recombination probability is obtained from quantum-mechanical cross sections calculated for the laser-free process. Specific calculations are performed for dissociative recombination of H2+ in the field of the intensity 2.09 GW/cm2 and the wavelength 22.8 μm. In the energy region above 1 meV the cross section is significantly enhanced compared with the field-free case due to the Coulomb focusing effect. The influence of the indirect process due to electron capture into Rydberg states is also investigated. Although the Rydberg resonances are washed out due to the field effects, they influence significantly the magnitude of the dissociative recombination cross section.

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