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Issued December 25, 2011


We present an extension of the Rishon Model of Harari, et. al. [1] [2] [3] In that model, the first generation leptons and quarks are each made from three rishons of two varieties, T and V as follows: ve = V V V , e+ = T T T , d = T V V , and u = T T V . In addition to the original rishons and their anti-rishons T and V , we introduce the dark rishon X and its anti-rishon X; all have spin 1/2.

An exciting possibility that emerges from this idea is the possiblity of ‘beams’ of dark matter coming from the decays of higher generation fermions – much in the same way as ‘beams’ of neutrinos are made. The result of such collisions could produce known particles via color/hypercolor interactions or another - as yet unknown - interaction of dark rishons.

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