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March 2001


American Journal of Physics, 69(7), 396-7, 2001. Permission to use.


Are you ready to try something that seems obvious and yet is innovative? If so, then maybe you are ready to teach a combined physics and calculus course. In fact, many of us who have been teaching calculus-based physics have always felt that we had to teach both physics and calculus, because our students seemed to be unable to do anything we thought they had learned to do in the prerequisite calculus course(s).

Now, at last, a courageous physicist and mathematician have worked together to create a combined physics and calculus textbook. Professors Rex and Jackson have written a textbook for such a combined course based on their teaching experiences at the University of Puget Sound since 1994. I have struggled with my own versions of such a course at two different institutions, with different mathematicians. The Rex/Jackson text would have saved us immense headaches.

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