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Published by American Institute of Physics.Appl. Phys. Lett, 83, 3332 (2003). ©2003 American Institute of Physics. Permission to use.


A noneptaxially grown double-layered thin-film medium of nanocompsite FePt:C with a FeCoNi soft underlayer for high-density perpendicular magnetic recording was fabricated and investigated. Square-shaped perpendicular loops with a remanance ratio nearly equal to one and a coercivity as large as 8.5 kOe were obtained for this ordered FePt:C double-layered medium. The formation of the ordered L10 phase is confirmed by electron diffraction experiments. Transmission electron microscope observations reveal that FePt grains with a uniform size less than 5 nm are embedded in the C matrix and appear to be well isolated. Our results show that nonepitaxially grown (001) textured double-layered nanocomposite L10 FePt-based films with perpendicular anisotropy are a promising candidate to realize extremely high-density perpendicular recording.

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