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To Improve the Academy, published by The Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, volume 12, 1993.


This volume of To Improve the Academy begins with essays examining different groups of faculty within our institutions. We clustered these together because each spotlights a special group of faculty. One danger in institutions of higher learning is that the term "community" may be misused. It could be restricted to an academic department that must get along by reason of budgets, proximity of offices, or shared parking lots. Or the term could be a convenient designation for a group of people sharing a category-such as the "research faculty." Or it could be used to disguise problems within or between campus groups. Authors of each of the articles in this section identify a group of individuals who may or may be members of only a superficial community. In each case, the essays exemplify the role faculty development can play in assisting individuals to become truly members of the academic community.