Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education


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To Improve the Academy, published by the Professional and Organizational

Development Network in Higher Education, volume 17, 1998.


Progress in integrating new technologies into higher education classrooms has been slow despite emerging evidence on benefits for students when technologies are applied in ways that support teaching and learning. This article describes a program used by a college of education to support faculty applications of technology in instruction and reports results of a formal evaluation following the first year of implementation. The program provided intensive training and follow-up support to a heterogeneous cohort of 14 faculty members and was designed to enhance their ability to integrate technology into their teaching, use a new "smart" classroom facility, and/or develop products for instruction. Evaluation data were collected from program participants, their students, and the general faculty as a comparison group. Purposes of the evaluation were to determine the extent and quality of participants' applications of technology in their courses, other effects on their professional development, and students' perceptions of impact. Results demonstrate the program's efficacy for increasing participants' integration of technology in instruction. Students reported that these instructors' applications of technology enhanced students' learning and confidence in using technology.