Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Majumder, Kaustav. "FDST 880P: Food Proteins - A Peer Review of Teaching Project, Benchmark Portfolio" (2020). UNL Faculty Portfolios, 157. digitalcommons.unl.edu/prtunl/157/


FDST 880P: Food Proteins, is a course designed only for the graduate students for the department of food science and technology. The course work provides the opportunity to dwell deep into the fundamental chemistry, protein structures and functions to understand the physiochemical and biochemicals factors that govern the functionality and biological activity of the food proteins and proteins-derived peptides. For each of the course objectives, I describe how and why I organize the course, as well as how my pedagogical choices encourage the student learning and engagement. Collect and analyze the data on students' performance and progress during the semester and presented samples of students' self-assessment to demonstrate the effectiveness of the teaching methods. Finally, it summarizes the accomplishments and enduring challenges in the course and highlights the plans for future changes.