Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Livingston, Taylor A. "ANTH 110: Introduction to Anthropology: A Peer Review of Teaching Benchmark Memo" (2021). UNL Faculty Portfolios, 186. https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/prtunl/186


This portfolio examines the extent to which the learning outcomes for Introduction to Anthropology (ANTH 110) were met through course assessments. The primary goal of this course is for students to engage with anthropological content, by introducing students to an anthropological perspective, which requires looking at issues from multiple contexts (holism), and having students add this to their “tool kit” to help them make sense of what they believe, why they believe it, and how to make sense of the world around them and their place in it. The alignment of outcomes and assessment was analyzed through an examination of descriptive statistics for course exams and mini-assignments, as well as through student feedback on the course halfway through the semester and at the end of the semester. Results indicated that learning outcomes and the goal for the course were more readily met through mini-assignments than through exams. Though the COVID-19 pandemic may have affected exam scores, as a result of this analysis, in future iterations of the course, I plan to re-align the learning outcomes and assessments and replace the larger exams with unit quizzes.