Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Chaves, Byron D. "FDST 403/803 – Food Quality Assurance" (2021). UNL Faculty Portfolios, 190. https://digitalcommons.unl.edu/prtunl/190


Food Science and Technology (FDST) 403: Food Quality Assurance is an upper level required course for FDST undergraduate majors at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The course covers food safety regulations, food safety management systems, and statistical process control applied to food safety and quality in food manufacturing. This Peer Review of Teaching Portfolio documents the course analysis and reflection for spring 2021. Two mid-semester student course evaluations were performed on March 1 and April 5, the lecture immediately after the midterm exams. Anonymous paper and online surveys were filled out during class time asking students to reflect on the course using the question “What has gone well?” as the driver. Students’ feedback helped make changes throughout the semester that positively impacted student learning. Overall, the students performed satisfactorily in the course and significantly better than the 2020 cohort. Course reflection sessions were of great value to collect student feedback and have direct and honest conversations with the students. Additionally, intentionality in assignments and evaluations was a major component of the program. Lastly, the identified opportunities for improvement included course materials and tools and clarifying course expectations.