Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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This portfolio analyzes CNST 489 – Senior Capstone Project a class in the construction management department of The Durham School at the University of Nebraska. The results of this analysis will be used to improve the content delivered in class and increase the effectiveness of how the content is delivered. This portfolio focuses specifically on how participation by the construction industry in the classroom can increase student learning during their graduating semester. The senior level capstone class is a semester long project based on an actual construction project that is broken down into three main deliverables through the semester. The deliverables are a response to a request for qualification, a response to a request for proposal, and completion of post-project award activities. The instructor co-taught this class for three years before taking it over in the spring of 2021. During the spring 2021 and fall 2021 semesters the instructor partnered with local general contractors to increase the number of contact hours the students had with industry professionals in the classroom. The students in the fall 2021 section were asked to complete a survey at the end of the semester to determine if the increased industry participation was effective. The results indicate that most of the students felt that industry involvement was beneficial, but one non-traditional did not agree. The instructor will utilize increased industry involvement in class for future class sessions