Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Spring 2022

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This portfolio examines the extent to which HRHA 440: Human Rights, Conflict, and Community changing equipped students with the agency and confidence they need to be human rights changemakers. The purpose of this portfolio was to structure a re-design of the course towards a more collaborative, flipped classroom approach, and then to assess the extent to which this course re-design promoted achievement of the course learning outcomes. To assess achievement of the learning outcomes in the redesigned course, comparison of the results pre and post survey of the Spring 2022 cohort of students was used. Then, to assess the effects of the redesign, a comparative close reading of an essay assigned in both Spring 2021(pre-redesign) and Spring 2022 (post-redesign) was used. Survey results showed that students made the most significant gains in human rights concept knowledge, and made significant gains in their self-efficacy as human rights changemakers and their confidence in their changemaking skills. Comparison of the essays also showed that students taking the redesigned version of the course showed significantly more mastery of the course aims of agency and confidence as human rights changemakers.