Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Spring 5-29-2023

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Kosalka, Vernetta. "HRTM 483 Hospitality Finance – A Peer Review of Teaching Project Benchmark Portfolio" (2023). UNL Faculty Portfolios


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The objective of this peer review course portfolio is to provide a comprehensive overview of the course, HRTM 483, Hospitality Finance Management (HFM), including the current scope of the course regarding curriculum and to purposefully explain and assess the undertakings that are intended to enhance student learning and performance. The first objective was to explain hospitality managerial accounting concepts to students and how they apply to specific operations with the hospitality industry. The second objective was to assist students with being able to synthesize the material, solve problems, and think effectively as a hospitality professional. The third objective was to assess the effectiveness of the curriculum by reviewing student performance results from a standardized industry managerial accounting exam. The last objective was to suggest modifications and improvements to this course based on information gathered through the Peer Review of Teaching portfolio process. Upon completion of the Peer Review of Teaching portfolio process, I enhanced my approach to teaching, revised curriculum, and improved student performance. The feedback from my faculty peers influenced the changes in my teaching method that I feel attributed to student success, class participation, and achieving an increase in final exam scores.