Faculty-led Inquiry into Reflective and Scholarly Teaching (FIRST)


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Course portfolio developed as part of the UNL Peer Review of Teaching Project (peerreview.unl.edu)

Copyright (c) 2016 Michael Burton


This course portfolio examines student experiences while taking Visualization Studio and illustrates the various drawing and design projects they complete. While this document illustrates the overall course experience it focuses on student perceptions of learning to draw the human form by two students. Student A, Alesha, demonstrates a high pass example and student B, Mallory, demonstrates a mid pass example.

I feel it is obvious to compare high and low pass samples but the difference between high and mid is much harder to differentiate. Key elements are highlighted to identify the differences between them. Although final course grades were close between each student their perceived learning varies greatly.

This conundrum is caused by the difference between the experiences of each student. Student A felt she had a lot of experience entering the course while Student B felt she had no experience and therefore had learned more.

The question is: should the instructor grade for improvement or for actual skill in a course with students who have little to no experience in art, drawing or designing?