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Published in Experimental and Applied Acarology 28: 107–126, 2002.


A linkage map of the Ixodes scapularis genome was constructed based upon segregation amongst 127 loci. These included 84 random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers, 32 Sequence-Tagged RAPD (STAR) markers, 5 cDNAs, and 5 microsatellites in 232 F1 intercross progeny from a single, field-collected P1 female. A preliminary linkage map of 616 cM was generated across 14 linkage groups with one marker every 10.8 cM. Assuming a genome size of ∼109 bp, the relationship of physical to genetic distance is ∼300 kb/cM in the I. scapularis genome.

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