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The FASEB Journal vol. 29 no. 8 3287-3301 (2015)


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This study determined if twice-daily consumption

of a nutrient-dense bar intended to fill gaps in

Western diets, without other dietary/lifestyle requirements,

favorably shifted metabolic/anthropometric indicators

of dysregulation in a healthy direction. Three 8-wk

clinical trials in 43 healthy lean and overweight/obese

(OW/OB) adults, who served as their own controls, were

pooled for analysis. In less inflamed OW/OB [highsensitivity

C-reactive protein (hsCRP) <1.5], statistically

significant decreases occurred in weight (-1.1 ± 0.5 kg),

waist circumference (-3.1 ± 1.4 cm), diastolic blood

pressure (-4.1 ± 1.6 mmHg), heart rate [HR;-4.0 ± 1.7

beats per minute (bpm)], triglycerides (272638.2mg/dl),

insulin resistance (homeostatic model of insulin resistance)

(-0.72 ± 0.3), and insulin (-2.8 ± 1.3 mU/L);

an increase in HDL-2b (+303 ± 116 nM) and realignment

of LDL lipid subfractions toward a less atherogenic profile

[decreased small LDL IIIb (-44 ± 23.5 nM), LDL IIIa

(299643.7nM),andincreased largeLDLI (+66±28.0nM)].

In the more inflamed OW/OB (hsCRP >1.5), inflammation

was reduced at 2 wk (20.66 mg/L), and HR at

8 wk (-3.4 ± 1.3 bpm). The large HDL subfraction

(10.5–14.5 nm) increased at 8 wk (+346 ± 126 nM). Metabolic

improvements were also observed in lean participants.

Thus, favorable changes in measures of cardiovascular

health, insulin resistance, inflammation, and obesity were

initiated within 8 wk in the OW/OB by replacing deficiencies

in Western diets without requiring other dietary

or lifestyle modifications; chronic inflammation

blunted most improvements.—McCann, J. C., Shigenaga,

M. K., Mietus-Snyder, M. L., Lal, A., Suh, J. H., Krauss,

R. M., Gildengorin, G. L., Goldrich, A. M., Block, D. S.,

Shenvi, S. V.,McHugh, T. H.,Olson,D. A., Ames, B.N. A

multicomponent nutrient bar promotes weight loss

and improves dyslipidemia and insulin resistance in

the overweight/obese: chronic inflammation blunts

these improvements.