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Purpose: This training is designed to introduce supervisors to coaching concepts, provide them an opportunity to practice these skills in a safe environment, and receive timely feedback. Learning Objectives Upon completion of this day, the participant will:  Describe the purpose and structure of the training  Explore their preconceptions, feelings, beliefs and thoughts concerning coaching  Explore their assumptions about coaching  Develop a working definition of coaching for their state  Identify questions they would like answered by the end of the day  Recognize the 6 elements of the coaching mindset  State the importance of using these in coaching sessions  Understand how coaching supports your state’s implementation initiative  Describe how coaching can be used to improve training outcomes through transfer of learning opportunities  Understand how coaching can enhance supervision  Identify the coaching steps  Note what coaches do that is supportive  State the various skills that the coach used in the demonstration  Identify which areas are strengths or areas for improvement  Enhance skills of being present, listening and reflecting  Provide feedback to another participant  Articulate what it means to be present and engaged  Demonstrate engaged listening and reflection  Provide feedback using a structured format  Articulate why questions can be hard to ask  Identify the qualities of powerful questions  Practice asking coaching questions