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December 1997


Published for Proceedings, The Range Beef Cow Symposium XV December 9, 10 and 11, 1997, Rapid City, South Dakota.


Started in 1977 as a purebred Angus program based totally upon artificial insemination (AI), Fink Beef Genetics has been dedicated to breeding predictable performance for beef producers. It is a family-owned business that I operate with my wife Lori and our daughter Megan.

Recognizing the Angus breed for its maternal strength, we built our program by stacking generations of proven sires and great Angus cow families. The direct influence of landmark sires such as AAR New Trend and Emulation N Bar 5522 headline their foundation. The most important tool used in building our herd has been high accuracy EPDs of sires, backed by cow family production records, longevity and udder soundness.

The cowherd is the strength of our program. The product of at least six generations of objective performance and a "cowman's eye," the females have built the Fink Angus name. Their matrons are real beef cows with that "mother cow" look. They are practical, functional, productive and structurally sound. They are well-balanced with the inherent and proven ability to breed, milk, and produce pounds of beef.

Fink Angus is a nationally recognized source of predictable problem-free Angus genetics in volume with sales to cattle producers in nearly every state. Proven sires dominate with 80 to 90% of the calf crop sired by Sire Evaluation leaders with 100 or more daughters on record. This takes the guesswork out of genetics. Our bulls sire appropriate levels of milk, are moderate frame. "good-doing" stock offering optimum performance balance.