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24th Range Beef Cow Symposium, Nov. 17-19, 2015, Loveland, Colo.


Copyright 2015 Chad Blair.


My name is Chad Blair and along with my, dad Ed, uncle Rich, cousin Britton, and our wives, we operate Blair Brothers Angus Ranch in western South Dakota. Currently we run around 1200 cows and 400 to 500 replacement heifers that all get AIed over two cycles. We also market between 350 and 500 yearling bulls each year that are sold private treaty off the place. We run around 2000 head of yearling cattle that include steers out of our bulls and purchased replacement heifers out of our bulls that will be resold to other customers. We do all of our own calving, AIing, ultrasounding and other cattle work. I was asked to give a producer perspective on reproductive technologies, so I am going to explain some of the technologies that we have tried and still use, and some that we have tried and no longer use, either because something better came along or it just didn’t work well for us. I will start with a timeline on AIing and work into other technologies that make our business operate smoothly.