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Proceedings, The Range Beef Cow Symposium XV. December 9, 10 and 11, 1997, Rapid City, South Dakota


The Range Beef Cow Symposium is sponsored by the Cooperative Extension Service and Animal Science Departments of South Dakota State University, Colorado State University, the University of Wyoming and the University of Nebraska. The Symposium has a reputation of being an excellent educational program for commercial cow-calf producers, industry and Extension personnel. It is held every other year with the location rotating among the cooperating states.

Agenda and Proceedings Contents

Morning Ramrod: Dr. Jim Males, Head, Department of Animal & Range Sciences, South Dakota State University

Welcome - Dr. Robert Wagner, President, South Dakota State University

Industry Issues

Food Safety From an FSIS Perspective • Catherine Woteki, USDA Undersecretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C.

Industry Trends, Challenges and Opportunities • Mr. Chuck Schroeder, Executive Secretary, National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Denver, CO

International Markets • Mr. Merlyn Carlson, Meat Export Federation and Rancher, Lodgepole, NE

Future ofInternational Markets - Beef Cattle • Norman L. Dalsted, Colorado State University

Beef Quality Assurance - Past, Present & Future • Gary Smith, Colorado State University

Afternoon Ramrod Dr. Elton Aberle, Head, Animal Science Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Cattle Selection / Genetics

Realities of Cow Herd Genetics: Expectations and Impact • Don Marshall, South Dakota State University

Bull Genetics: Purebreds, Composites, Full-Sibs & Half-Sibs • Jim Gosey, University of Nebraska

Selection Emphasis for Carcass Traits • Mr. John Crouch, American Angus Association

Breeding for Profit: An Introduction to

Selection Index Concepts • Mike MacNeil, USDA Fort Keogh Livestock and Range

Research Station, Miles City, MT


Basic Immunology • Dr. Lynn Woodard, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

Bovine Viral Diarrhea • Dr. Hana Van Campen, Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory

The Value of a Health Program to the Rancher and Feeder • Dr. Jim Sears, Consulting Veterinarian, Bridgeport, NE

Value-added Producer Owned Cooperatives • Mr. Darrell Cruea, South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture

Morning Ramrod: Dr. David Ames, Head, Department of Animal Sciences, Colorado State University


Addressing the Beef Tenderness Problem • Chris Calkins, University of Nebraska

Overview of a TQM Approach for Improving Beef Tenderness • Daryl Tatum, Colorado State University

B-Maturity: Factors Affecting Physiological Maturity • J. Brad Morgan, Oklahoma State University

Reproductive Toxicology: Pine Needles and Plant Estrogens • Bob Short, USDA Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Station, Miles City, MT

Ingestion of Ponderosa Pine Needles by Cattle • Scott Kronberg, South Dakota State University

Synchronization Programs Update • Tom Geary, Colorado State University

Bull Fertility: BSE, Abnormalities, Etc • Glenn Coulter, Agriculture Canada, Lethbridge

Factors Affecting Calf Survival • Bob Bellows, USDA Fort Keogh Livestock and Range Research Station, Miles City, MT

Calving Difficulty •

Bob Mortimer, Colorado State University

LUNCH - Visit Commercial Booths

December 10, Wednesday PM

Afternoon Ramrod: Mr. Ron Bieber, President, South Dakota Stock growers Association


Cows and Computers: Choosing Records Management

Software • Martha Maim Ellis, Maim Ranch, Albin, WY

Computer Software Selection: Financial • Kory Bier/e, Madsen Ranch, Midland, SD

Empowering People • Burke Teichert, Rex Ranch (Nebraska), Sheridan Ranches And Deseret Ranches (Wyoming)

Networking People • Barry Dunn, South Dakota State University


Characterization of Alliances • Mike Miller, CA TTLE FAx, Denver, CO

PricingIFormula Grids: Which Fit and Which Don't Fit • Dillon Fuez, University of Nebraska

Innovative Marketing Panel

U.S. Premium Beef, Ltd.: A New Producer-Owned Marketing System • Mr. BIll MIller, CMQ, US Premium Beef, Manhatten, KS

Fink Beef Genetics • Mr. Galen Fink, Fink Beef Genetic Systems, Manhatten, KS

Carcass Value Marketing • Mr. Dick Kjerstad, Kjerstad Feedyard, Quinn, SD

Innovative Marketing and Angus America • Mr. Doug Hoff, Angus America, Bison, SD

Morning Ramrod: Dr. Melvin RIley, Head, Department of Animal Sciences, University of Wyoming

Forages/N utrition

Grazing Animal Diets: When to Supplement • Doug Zalesky, South Dakota State University

New National Research Council (NRC) Beef. Cattle Requirements - Range Application • Ivan Rush, University of Nebraska

Range Monitoring Systems • Roy Roath, Colorado State Um'versity

Matching Calving Date with Forage Nutrients: Production and Economic Impacts • Dick Clark and Don Adams, University of Nebraska


Cow/Calf Analysis: Key Indicators of Profitability • Don Boggs, South Dakota State University

Market Outlook • Mike Miller, CATTLE FAX, Denver, CO

Future of the Beef Industry • Wayne Purcell, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

BULL PEN SESSIONS: The Bull Pen Sessions are often said to be the most valuable part of the Symposium. This is a time for attendees to have considerable discussion with the speakers and an opportunity to ask specific questions. The majority of the speakers who address the Symposium on Tuesday and Wednesday will be present during the Bull Pen Sessions in the evenings.

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