Animal Science Department



Date of this Version

December 2005


Total Cattle Inventory
Cow Slaughter
Weekly Total Cow Slaughter
Heifer Slaughter
Heifers As % Of Total Feedlot Placements
Monthly Percent Heifers Placed
Beef Replacement Heifers
Beef Cow Inventory
Combined U. S. and Canadian Beef Cowherd
U.S. Feeder Cattle and Calf Supply - Jan 1st
Canadian Feeder Cattle & Calf Supply Outside Feedlots-Jan 1st
U.S. Imports of Canadian Feeder Cattle
U.S. Imports of Mexican Feeder Cattle
U.S. Imports of Canadian Fed Steers & Heifers
Steer and Heifer Slaughter
U.S. Beef Production
Net Beef Supplies
Pork Production
Pork Exports
Poultry Production
Broiler Exports, RTC
Annual Cutout Price vs. Net Beef Supply
Per Capita Net Beef Supply
Fed Cattle Prices and Per Capita Beef Supply
U.S. Consumer Expenditures on Beef
Total Consumer Spending (bil $)
Per Capita Beef Spending and Consumption
Weekly Average Choice Cut-Out Price
All Fresh Retail Beef Price
Weekly Average Fed Steer Price
Weekly Average 750 lb Feeder Steer Price
Weekly Average 550 lb Steer Calf Price
Stocker Cattle Profit (Loss) Summer Grazing Program
Cattle-Fax 750 lb Steer Price
Breakeven Purchase Price
Cow/Calf Returns
550 lb Steer Calf to Bull Ratio
Difference Between a Bred Cow and 550 lb Steer
Seasonal Cow Slaughter vs. Cow Prices 1995-2004 Average
Ending Stocks For U.S. Corn
Weekly Omaha Cash Corn