Rural Futures Institute at the University of Nebraska


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Nebraska Rural Poll, Research Report (October 2012) 12-4

Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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Executive Summary

Trends in Community Ratings, 1996-2012

Community Change, 1996-2012

Expected Destination of Those Planning to Move: 1998-2012

Proportions of Respondents Very or Somewhat Satisfied with Each Service, 1997-2012

The Community and Its Attributes in 2012

Perceptions of Community Change by Community Size

Expected Community Change in Ten Years by Community Size

Satisfaction with Cellular Phone Service by Community Size

Difficulty or Ease of Leaving Community

Ease or Difficulty of Leaving Community by Length of Residence in Community

Feelings of Community Powerlessness by Community Size

Local Community Involvement Activities, 2002 and 2012

Distance from Goods and Services

Distance from Primary Medical Care Services by Community Size

Distance from Critical Medical Care by Region

How Strongly Would Encourage Groups to Move to or Remain in Community

Importance of Items for Future of Community