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This report presents the findings from an online survey conducted in February and March 2019 to gather author feedback on open access (OA) books. Survey questions were designed to build on previous studies of OA for journal authors, as well as previous research on OA books, to assess the current awareness, attitudes and behaviours of authors who have and have not previously published OA. The raw anonymised data has been made freely available under a CC BY licence.2 Of 5,509 responses, 2,542 book authors completed the survey, and only these responses have been analysed here. Of these, 407 authors had previously published at least one OA book, 2,037 authors had not published an OA book, and 98 authors did not know whether they had published an OA book previously.3 Additionally, from the total number of book authors, 917 had published one or more chapters OA in an otherwise non-OA book.