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Dominic J. Farace and Joachim Schöpfel, editors. Grey Literature in Library and Information Studies. Berlin, W. DeGruyter, 2010. ISBN: 978-3598441493.


Copyright 2010, the authors. Open access material. License: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.



Introduction Grey Literature (Farace and Schöpfel)

Part I – Producing, Processing, and Distributing Grey Literature

Section One: Producing and Publishing Grey Literature

Chapter 1 Grey Publishing and the Information Market: A New Look at Value Chains and Business Models (Roosendaal)

Chapter 2 How to assure the Quality of Grey Literature: the Case of Evaluation Reports (Weber)

Chapter 3 Grey Literature produced and published by Universities: A Case for ETDs (Južni)

Section Two: Collecting and Processing Grey Literature

Chapter 4 Collection building with special Regards to Report Literature (Newbold and Grimshaw)

Chapter 5 Institutional Grey Literature in the University Environment (Siegel)

Chapter 6 Copyright Concerns Confronting Grey Literature (Lipinski)

Section Three: Channels for Access and Distribution of Grey Literature

Chapter 7 Theses and Dissertations (Stock and Paillassard)

Chapter 8 Grey Documents in Open Archives (Luzi)

Chapter 9 OpenSIGLE - Crossroads for Libraries, Research and Educational Institutions in the Field of Grey Literature (Farace, Frantzen, Stock, Henrot, and Schöpfel)

Part II – Uses, Applications, and Trends in Grey Literature Section Four: Applications and Uses of Grey Literature

Chapter 10 The driving and evolving Role of Grey Literature in High-Energy Physics (Gentil-Beccot)

Chapter 11 The Use and Influence of Information Produced as Grey Literature by International, Intergovernmental Marine Organizations: Overview of Current Research (MacDonald, Wells, Cordes, Hutton, Cossarini, and Soomai)

Chapter 12 Grey Literature in Karst Research: The Evolution of the Karst Information Portal, KIP (Chavez)

Chapter 13 Grey Literature Repositories: Tools for NGOs Involved in Public Health Activities in Developing Countries (Crowe, Hodge, and Redmon)

Section Five: Future Trends in Grey Literature

Chapter 14 Blog Posts and Tweets: The Next Frontier for Grey Literature (Banks)

Chapter 15 Assessing the Return on Investments in Grey Literature for Institutional Repositories (Schöpfel and Boukacem)

Chapter 16 e-Science, Cyberinfrastructure and CRIS (Jeffery and Asserson)

Chapter 17 Course and Learning Objective in the Teaching of Grey Literature: The Role of Library and Information Science Education (Rabina)

Appendix I Biographical Notes on the Authors

Appendix II Index to Web based Resources in Grey Literature

Appendix III List of Grey Literature Document Types

Appendix IV Collections of Conference based Papers, 1993-2010

Appendix V Thematic Index – The Grey Journal, 2005-2010