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Vision The world’s knowledge is accessible by all.

Mission CRKN advances interconnected, sustainable access to the world’s research and to Canada’s documentary heritage content.

About For our member organizations and the diverse communities they serve, CRKN empowers researchers, educators, and society with greater access to the world’s research and Canada’s preserved documentary heritage, now and for future generations. We deliver value to academic libraries, heritage organizations, and knowledgeseekers within Canada in the following ways: > Represent our membership in large-scale licensing and content acquisition activities; >Collaborate to expand and enrich the digital knowledge ecosystem in Canada and the world; >Advocate for fair and sustainable access to public research and content; >Support the digital infrastructure required to preserve and access critical Canadian content; >Mobilize our membership to transform scholarly communications in Canada.

Our Members CRKN members represent 76 academic libraries across Canada that include world-class research institutions, innovative teaching-focused institutions, as well as two national libraries, and Canada’s largest public library system.

Our Commitment CRKN is committed to help expand, advance, transform, preserve, and enrich access to knowledge.