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AAUP offers this handbook of Best Practices in Peer Review as a resource for member publishers, acquisitions editors both new and experienced, faculty editorial boards, scholarly authors and researchers, and new scholarly publishing programs. The Best Practices handbook was developed by the Association’s Acquisition Editorial Committee through a consensus-building two-year process to articulate a set of practices that comprise a rigorous process of peer review. The Committee has rightly noted that, “the peer review process is highly complex, involves many individuals, and must be responsive to the norms of the appropriate fields.” Disciplinary expectations, administrative procedures, inter-disciplinary and creative works, and innovative publishing formats may all demand changes in approach. However, wellreasoned differences in practices can only be evaluated against a solid understanding of what constitutes a standard practice of high-quality peer review.

2015-16 AAUP Acquisitions Editorial Committee: Mick Gusinde-Duffy, Georgia (chair); Mary Elizabeth Braun, Oregon State; Catherine Cocks, Iowa; Mary C. Francis, Michigan; Christie Henry, Chicago; Micah Kleit, Temple; Philip Leventhal, Columbia; Gita Manaktala, MIT; Matt McAdam, Johns Hopkins