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Open Access Virtual Workshop

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Tobler-Gaston, Jennie, "Open Access Virtual Workshop" (2022). Criss Library Faculty Proceedings & Presentations. 127.


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In celebration of Open Access Week join UNO Libraries to learn more about open access and how the library can help you make your work accessible! Open access is the dissemination of research and creative works with the paywall structure removed, making work freely accessible and available to use worldwide. Making your work open access can strengthen control of your scholarship in the digital age. The library has many resources available to support open access and your scholarly output.

Join us for our Open Access Virtual Workshops to learn more about open access and the library resources to help make your work accessible. In this workshop we will explore the basics of open access, the open access publishing agreements available to UNO faculty, how creative commons can help open up access and protect your work, and how DigitalCommons@UNO can help support your efforts to make your research and creative activity open and accessible.