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arXiv Annual Report 2022


arXiv is a curated research-sharing platform open to anyone. As a pioneer in open access, now hosts more than 2.1 million scholarly articles in eight subject areas, curated by our strong community of volunteer moderators who balance content quality with distribution speed. arXiv provides an article submission portal, a TeX compilation service, search and discovery tools, web distribution for human readers,API access, machine readable data sets, and community-developed tools. Our emphasis on openness, collaboration, and scholarship provides the strong foundation on which arXiv thrives.

Mission — arXiv is an open platform where researchers can share and discover new, relevant, emerging science and establish their contribution to advancing research.

Vision — Our vision is for all researchers around the world to have immediate, free, and open access to established and emerging research in their field.

Mission, Vision, Values.....1

Messages from Leadership....3

arXiv in Numbers.........9

A Sustainable Organization.....10

The arXiv Experience........ 15

arXiv in Conversation.......20

Thank You to Our Supporters..... 24

Who We Are: Members.....25 | Boards..... 29 | Staff.....30 | Moderators..... 31