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A report to Jisc by Janneke Adema and Graham Stone, with an introduction by Chris Keene. Published online July 6, 2017. Available at


Copyright 2017, Jisc. Open access material, CC BY 4.0 licence.



A new wave of university presses is emerging. Common characteristics are that they are open access (OA), digital first, library-based, and they often offer a smaller set of services than a traditional publisher, blurring the line between publisher and platform. In tandem, a small but notable number of academics and researchers have set up their own publishing initiatives, often demonstrating an innovative or unique approach either in workflow, peer review, technology or business model.

These new publishing initiatives have a potentially disruptive effect on the scholarly communication environment, providing new avenues for the dissemination of research outputs and acting as pathfinders for the evolution of academic publishing and the scholarly record.

In this report, we have captured the current landscape of new university presses (NUPs) and academic-led presses (ALPs) emerging within the UK. Taking different approaches for these two types of press we have captured the take-up, reasoning and characteristics of these initiatives, as well as future plans. The report concludes with a series of recommendations to help support and foster new developments in this space, to share best practice and collaboration and to identify the tools and services that will facilitate further innovation.

Jisc supports universities and researchers in the provision of new digital services and innovation. We will work with the community and stakeholders to decide how we can take forward some of the recommendations listed in this report for the benefit of our members and the research community.