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Strategic Discussions for Nebraska

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Strategic Discussions for Nebraska

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Soil: Techniques and Production Methods and How They Conserve Resources Mark Kuzila

Soil Productivity Vital for Economical Crop Production Richard Ferguson

Leading Through Sustainable Management of Natural Resources Charles Wortmann

Scientific Trait Development P. Stephen Baenziger

Center for Plant Science Innovation: Developing Better Foods and Fuels Edgar Cahoon

Crops Innovations Overview Mark Lagrimini

Grapes and Wine: Adding Value to Nebraska’s Economy Paul Read

UNL Plant Trait Research Saves Water, Grows More Food James Specht

Feeding the World from Nebraska’s Research Technology Larry Berger

Research Means Better Ag Productivity, Better Marketing Opportunities Wes Peterson

The Debate: Food for Fuel Richard Perrin


Harnessing Nebraska’s Wind Energy Jerry Hudgins

Nebraska’s Solar Potential Bright Natale Ianno

Green Slime Slides into Biofuels Arena: How Algal Biofuels May Be the Next Alternative George Oyler

Biofuels: Progress and Importance George Oyler

Camelina as a Biofuel, Biolubricant Edgar Cahoon

Ethanol: Powering the Vehicles of the Future Loren Isom

Active Efficiency: A Closer Look at the Use of Ethanol Byproducts Galen Erickson

Biofuels: The Economics of Environmental Impact Adam Liska

Engineering Efficient Electric Vehicles: Powering the Future with Batteries Dean Patterson


Creating the Next Generation of Sustainable Nebraskans Wayne Drummond and Kim Todd

Climate Research Provides Economic Opportunities Don Wilhite

Helping Nebraskans Navigate Climate Change Martha Shulski

Sustainability: a Philosophy, a Goal Charles Francis

Rural Sustainability is Key to Nebraska’s Future Sandra Scofield

Defining Drought and Its Impact Michael Hayes


Increasing Ag Water Productivity Ken Cassman

The Bread Basket of the World Jesse Korus and Matt Joekel

Water Monitoring Key to Competition David Admiraal

Maximizing the Value of Water Derrel Martin

Improving Water Starts with Conservation Techniques Tom Franti

Water Law Regulates Usage J. David Aiken

Nebraska’s Water Resources, Management Offer Global Learning Opportunity Anthony Schutz

Water Center Focuses on Water Quality, Sustainability Bruce Dvorak and Lorrie Benson


Water for Food Institute a Global Leader in Water, Food Research J.B. Milliken

IANR Progress in Science, Technology Moves U.S. Forward Ronnie Green

Addressing the Need and Planning the Future of Science Research Susan Fritz

Ag Science = Exciting Opportunities Steven Waller

Planning For the Future: A Look at the Evolving Scientific Workforce Beth Birnstihl and Mark Griep

Educating Future Science Communicators Mark Balschweid

Donor Funding Makes Projects Come to Life Ann Bruntz