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Strategic Discussions for Nebraska

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SDN Volume 4 August 2013


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NEBRASKA BEEF: nutritious, delicious, sustainable

Nebraska: Global Beef Industry Leader Ronnie Green

Creative Solutions Essential to the Future Larry Berger

Increased Demand for Nebraska Beef Will Require More Innovation Ronnie Green

Extension: “We’re Making a Difference in Nebraska” Chuck Hibberd

Let's Talk Beef

Flat Iron Steak

Tracking Beef

Nebraska Beef Council Supports Research, Education and Promotion Ann Marie Bosshamer

Efficiency Drives Beef Systems Research Rick Rasby

Technology Use Improves Efficiency, Sustainability Galen Erickson

50 Years of Beef Nutrition: “This is the Place Where it Comes Together” Terry Klopfenstein

Challenging Traditions: Changing Cow-Calf Production Rick Funston

Cattle Reproduction Takes Another Step Toward a Brighter Future Andrea Cupp

Cattle Genomics Research Aids Sustainability, Profitability Matt Spangler

The Science of Managing Tough Times Don Adams

Cattle Management Research Produces Safe, Affordable Food Karla Jenkins

Environmental Sustainability Drives Feedlot Research Matt Luebbe

Livestock Industry Improved Handling, Needs to Tells Its Story Better Temple Grandin

STEWARDS of the land

Maintaining the Sandhills Legacy Walter Schacht

Understanding the Ecology of the Sandhills Jerry Volesky

It All Begins With Nutrients and Water Tim Shaver

HEALTH and safety

E. coli Research Team Reducing Outbreaks, Educating Public Rod Moxley

Powerhouse Research: School of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences David Hardin

USDA and UNL Collaborate to Secure World Protein Sources John Pollak

Food Safety Research Extension Benefits the World Dennis Burson

Methane and Sustainability Agriculture Samodha Fernando

Safe Food System the Result of Science, Monitoring Amy Millmier Schmidt

Ag Policy Issues Affect Beef Industry Brad Lubben

One Goal: High-Quality, Safe Beef by Ty Schmidt

UNL Meat Science is High-Payoff Science Challenging Traditions, Developing Results Chris Calkins

EDUCATING the next generation

Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Program Trains Students to Lead Matt Spangler

Nebraska Beef Industry Scholars Spotlight: Spencer Eisenmenger Spencer Eisenmenger

Feedyard Management Internship Program Hands-on Training for Lucrative Careers Galen Erickson

Priority One: Educating Students Dennis Brink