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Zaragoza-Tapia F, Pulido-Flores G, Gardner SL, Monks S (2020) Host relationships and geographic distribution of species of Acanthobothrium Blanchard, 1848 (Onchoproteocephalidea, Onchobothriidae) in elasmobranchs: a metadata analysis. ZooKeys 940: 1–49.


Copyright Francisco Zaragoza-Tapia et al.


Species of Acanthobothrium have been documented as parasites of the spiral intestine of elasmobranchs. Results of a metadata analysis indicate that 114 species of elasmobranchs have been reported as hosts of 200 species of Acanthobothrium. The metadata analysis revealed that 3.7% of species of sharks and 14.9% of species of rays that have been reported as hosts to date; some species are parasitized by more than one species of Acanthobothrium. This work provides a Category designation, as proposed by Ghoshroy and Caira (2001), for each species of Acanthobothrium. These Category designations are a tool to facilitate comparisons among members of Acanthobothrium for descriptions of new species in the future.