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Тахь (Takhi, biannual journal of the Khustai National Park, Mongolia) 2014, volume 3: 84–92


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The Hustai National Park is one of the special protected areas in Mongolia. The park is famous by the successful re-introduction of the wild horse (takhi), and its well-managed protection work. The park has a rich and diverse mammal fauna and flora. Of these, the takhi, and other large mammal species are objects of intensive research by the international researchers, but the parasitic helminth fauna in Hustai National Park is remained unknown. Species diversity of wildlife and its abundance, especially high density of both the prey and predators, might allow the presence of various parasitic and symbiotic organisms on the territory of the park.

The material for this paper was collected during small mammal survey in 2005 (Batsaikhan et al., 2006) and in spring and summer of 2013.