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Hill, Michael R. 2006. “Theory, Values, and Practice in the Legal Lifeworld of Sociological Jurisprudence: Roscoe Pound’s Views on Professional Women.” Presented to the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association, Montreal, Quebec.


Copyright 2006 Michael R. Hill


The lived social dimensions of Roscoe Pound’s theories of sociological jurisprudence deserve criticism in light of his often progressive worldview and frequent support of civil liberties. Especially important in this regard are his views on women. Despite Sayre’s (1948: 390) assertion that “there is no dualism to Pound,” the archival record reveals internal contradictions. That is to say, Pound’s attitudes toward women were multi-dimensional. His social attitudes-inpractice informed his sociological ideas and thus illustrate the lived conflicts in his professional lifeworld.