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Appendix to Chapter 11, from Olson, K., J. D. Smyth, J. Dykema, A. L. Holbrook, F. Kreuter, B. T. West. 2020. Interviewer Effects from a Total Survey Error Perspective. Boca Raton: CRC Press.


Table A11A.1 Proportion of race-related items for which race of interviewer effects are observed across eleven published studies.

Table A11A.2 Virtual interviewer assignments and linked example videos, N=1,735

Table A11A.3. Debriefing questionnaire about respondents’ experience administered textually after the primary date were collected

Table A11A.4 Respondent – Virtual interviewer gender and race assignments, and match conditions N=1,735

Table A11A.5 Respondent characteristics, N=1,735

Table A11A.6 Questionnaire administered to respondents.

Table A11A.7 Respondent gender and race choices, N=1,735